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Playing musical instrument is emotionally satisfying, creatively rewarding which feeds our soul, makes our mind to recall special times, and lifts our spirits.


It is wonderful opportunity for the aspiring learners and young musicians to explore & develop his/her creative and technical skills.
Ramprapanna Bhattacharya provides Sitar / Music lessons (for beginners / intermediate / advanced level) in the following three forms:
     + In person classroom lessons. (face to face and one-on-one)
     + Online lessons [via Skype]  (through live video chat using webcam and Videotelephony)
     + Music workshops (basic and advanced instruction and/or Practice Session in medium / large group)
Ramprapanna Bhattacharya is teaching online live with through webcam conferencing.
The teaching time slots are adjusted to suit various time zones globally.
The online lessons are one-on-one. 
If you would like to learn from him online, then please email to to set up an appointment for your online lesson of Indian classical music. 
Classes are fixed on the basis of prior appointment as per mutual convenience.
There's no obligation to take future lessons.
Audio / video recording of the learning sessions or publishing/sharing any material used in the sessions are strictly prohibited.
System Requirements 
You will need to have the following equipments for online lessons:
  1) A Webcam
  2) Headset equipped with microphone and ear-phone
  3) Laptop / Desktop Computer with high-speed internet connection 
  4) Skype account (Add 'ramprapanna' your in Skype contact list)
  5) Preferably silent zone (during learning hours)
Skype can be downloaded for free at 
SKYPE Account Info: ramprapanna

Additional Facilities:
-> Access Controlled Students Online Portal
--> Privately Shared Video Tutorials

Student's Registration Form
STUDENTS PORTAL: Click here to get redirected to STUDENTS PORTAL. This is exclusively built for disciples of Ramprapanna Bhattacharya to access the resource and learning material for Sitar and Indian Classical Music. Unauthorized reproduction, storage, duplication and distribution of any of the contents is strictly prohibited and will be treated as illegal activity. 

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