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Ramprapanna Bhattacharya is a next generation Sitar virtuoso, musician and teacher. He is representative of the younger generation of the famous Etawah Gharana. He has performed in prestigious venues in India and abroad.
He is known for his captivating and vibrant sitar performances, thoughtful teaching techniques and traditionally authentic approach towards music. 

Ramprapanna Bhattacharya has already established himself as one of the most striking, distinguished and serious young musicians in the music fraternity.

His vibrant performances exemplify his technical prowess, aesthetic brilliance, deep understanding of nuances of Raga music and rhythmic intricacies – which give an enchanting experience to his audience every time. Belonging to Etawah Gharana, he grew up in Kolkata and is currently settled in Hyderabad, India.


He primary learnt the art of sitar playing and received intense guidance from his father veteran sitarist Sri Ram Udar Bhattacharya and Late Pt. Kashinath Mukherjee, a prime disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan & Ustad Amir Khan. Later he learnt many compositions, rare and complex ragas from Pt. Arvind Parikh. He learnt from Sitarist late Sri Soumitra Lahiri for a brief period in the beginning of his musical career. He learnt basics of Tabla from Late Amiya Kumar Dutta. His parents and his family played a pivotal role to shape him into a musician.


He has innumerable stage performances for the prestigious music-events, both in home and abroad, which have been highly acclaimed by connoisseurs, critics and musicians alike.

Recently his performance for Indian Embassy Philippines, to celebrate India’s 70th Republic Day, was highly appreciated by all dignitaries and foreign delegates, including honorable Ambassador of India.

He was awarded at the Banquet Hall of the Glasgow Hilton Hotel (Scotland) for his sensational Sitar Performance in 2012. He has numerous awards and accolades including Pandit A. Kanan Memorial Award, National Scholarship in Sitar by Govt. of India, New Delhi, first prizes in the Instrumental Music at the Kolkata District Youth Festival (Govt. of West Bengal), Inter Collegiate Music Competition etc. 

His performances were released by HCL Concerts under several series including “Maestros in Studio”, “Sound of Sargam”, “Baithak”. His Sitar as the background music for Bratati Bandopadhyay’s recitation of Joy Goswami’s “Bilayet er Sange Aka -  has won the hearts of millions.

Being deeply rooted in the classical tradition, Ramprapanna has been teaching music for several years with respectable results. He conducted seminars / workshops / presentations in multiple venues including Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-London, Nishkam Centre-Birmingham (for South Asian Arts - UK), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Jaipur Gunijan Sabha-organized by Ustad Imamuddin Khan Dagar Society of Music Art & Culture etc.

Ramprapanna remains a keen student of music - collecting, preserving and documenting rare authentic ragas and bandishes (compositions).

He is actively involved in the corporate world as well. He has handled the pursuits of academics, corporate career and music simultaneously, which is the rarest of its kind. Ramprapanna has worked for organizations like Oracle Corporation, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Capgemini for several years.


Excerpts from Press Clippings:

  • Hailed as a ‘speedster’ with pin-pointed accuracy of notes along with commendable raagdari.

  • One of the best torchbearers of Vilayat Khani baaj of his generation.

  • Well-edited blend of Amazing 'Taiyaari', Impressive 'Raagdari', 'Soulful Melody'.

  • Dazzling skill and control over the instrument.

  • All the virtues of the 'Gharana' with Power and Grace in equal measures.

  • Brilliant playing technique... steeped with melody.

  • He is shaping into a worthy member of this gharana, namely the Vilayat Khani Gharana of sitar. (2004)


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